The emergence of powerful clan groups

There has been democracy in Bulgaria for 30 years. However, it the word “democracy” might be better placed between quotation marks, since in practice the government is in the tight grip of powerful clan groups. All these groups are fighting with each other for influence and the distribution of enormous resources from the state budget. They dethrone and enthrone governments, exert complete control over the media and sociological agencies, giving them all the levers to manipulate public opinion. They are in complete control of the justice system, allowing them ruthlessly to plunder the Bulgarian people and misappropriate a huge amount of European subsidies. Instead of new political formations emerging to lead the country ahead, a part of the old nomenclature has re-established its positions, albeit in a new form.

The results of an analysis of the aftermath of the 30-years of transition from Soviet-style socialism to capitalism are extremely disappointing. 

Results 30 years later

Decline in the population by almost a quarter,

Entire regions depopulated, hundreds of villages left to die.

Drastic decline in agriculture – in a country with a population of less than 7 million people with the ability to feed up to 50 million people, in the opinion of experts, more than 80% of food is imported.

Decline in the level of education – lower than 70th place in the world, 

Healthcare is hard to access, leading to corruption and demands for payments even by those who pay social insurance; infant mortality 3 times higher than in developed countries,

Lack of freedom of speech – 111th place in the world, 

Formation of comprador elites,

Extremely low levels of income, well below the level of 1989, the year of change. 

This fact is especially important. An analysis of the official data from the websites of international organizations which report on human development indices, economic indicators and statistics, as well as the statistics from the National Statistical Institute and the National Social Security Institute, provides the following conclusions on consumer spending power in Bulgaria 

  • Consumer spending power as a percentage of average salary in 2019, it is approximately 71% compared to 1990[1].
  • Consumer spending power as a percentage of the average pension in 2019 is approximately 67% compared to 1990. 

It should be borne in mind that in 1990 itself there had been a decline of approximately 30% compared to 1989 

Furthermore, the real increase in GDP for the same period based on comparable data is barely 45%. This shows that increased GDP, given a fall in population of about 23%, the income of the population is les 30% of the yare  1990. This shows the unprecedented level of theft and the concentration of money in the hands of a small number of oligarchs.


The modern political elites with access to real power are without exception associated with and dependent on clandestine clans. The blame for the extremely unsatisfactory results in Bulgaria’s development lies entirely at the feet of the parties which have led it for the past 30 years. All the parties, without exception, are full of people connected through family lines, political allegiance and economic dependence on the oligarchic clans, and with the former Bulgarian Communist Party and the State Security Service. It is sufficient to examine their biographies carefully and to read between the lines to reconstruct the carefully expunged details. In the hands of such elites, Bulgaria’s future is very bleak. 

Such analyzes must be seen in the context of current international developments, where there is a clear desire for historic revenge on the part of the former communist countries of China and Russia. This leads to the enormous clandestine pressure on today’s rulers and a significant part of the non-parliamentary opposition. There is an even greater level of pressure stemming from modern Pan-Turkic Turkey. They too are eager to regain dominance over all countries of the former Ottoman Empire and become a leader in the Muslim world. This is a real risk to the sovereignty and independence of Bulgaria. 

Therefore, the most important thing in the coming period is to restore and reformat the party elite. This will be possible only with the emergence and affirmation of new parties which have absolutely no connection with the Bulgarian Communist Party/Bulgarian Socialist Party, or with the former State Security Service, nor with the clandestine economic clans. This is an extremely difficult task, since all the means of combating such a process are in the hands of today’s elites. This includes media discreditation, administrative obstacles and confrontation with the help of the judiciary. There have even been cases of direct threats to the health, family and lives of people who dare to oppose the status quo. 


At this critical historical moment for the future of our country, there is a need for radical and painful reforms. Our main aim is to unlock the energy of our people: 

*   Entrepreneurial energy – by removing at least two thirds of the licensing and permit regimes. This will be achieved by means of rapid and easy lending to small and medium-sized businesses, and by the development of high-tech product processes. We will eradicate domestic crime which in a number of regions has become a major obstacle to economic activity. We will provide state aid to exports and work to eliminate the creeping monopolization of the economy. 

*   Civil energy – by introducing a comprehensive voting system on all important issues. This will be based on new information technologies in the aim of achieving effective DIRECT DEMOCRACY; 

*   Spiritual energy – by prioritising education, culture and science, their respective funding and legislative support; 

*   Physical energy – by means of effective and accessible health care, the development of mass sports and constant efforts to create an ecological and healthy environment

*   Moral energy – by cleansing politics of corruption, demagoguery, lies, clandestine deals, partisanship, ruthlessness and vulgarity, in order to set an example to society of morality and culture in everyday life at all levels. 

Is this possible?  

It is entirely possible. Because we believe in ourselves and in cooperation with the society, we intend to build. 

Because we are

*   specialists in the widest spectrum – from economics to ethnology and from education to military affairs

*   like-minded people who believe in our cause

*   convinced democrats and reformers

  • *   

*   people who want to live with their children and grandchildren in a prosperous and orderly country 

*   individuals who do not lack the determination and courage to achieve their goals

We are part of our nation and we perceive what is happening around us a personal and social catastrophe. 


The only way we can achieve our goals is to make huge efforts and reach the people’s minds and souls so that they get acquainted with the ideas, goals and vision of the “Direct Democracy” Party and accept them as their own. Let’s work tirelessly and continuously to make a slow evolution, not a revolution!

We are aware that the EU is itself divided between the major pan-European parties EPP and PES, and benefits from the alternating left and right wing parties at the head of the state, and there is little chance of obtaining help from them, especially given the current state of the Union. 

Furthermore, on a daily basis, we are faced with opposition from the authorities who are intent on ending our media presence by directly influencing the media in which we have so far found a welcome. 

We have something to say and something to offer to society: 

  • We have an innovative theory for consolidating democracy, and elevating it to its highest stage. This will be direct democracy of the modern type which we have learned about mainly from the models which existing the United States (e.g. California).
  • We have a clear and in-depth, professionally designed agenda for universal reforms which will elevate the economy, social policy, education, military power and security, sustainable development to new levels
  • We have a small but highly qualified core capable of quickly mustering the best policy specialists in each sector
  • We have an extremely clear and firm idea of our future geopolitical orientation.

Bulgaria is increasingly turning into an advance post of the civilized world against Asian influence on Europe. If we continue to live in the same chaos, low levels of literacy and the avarice of the elites, on the one hand, and the proactive actions of the opponents of the Free World who want to extract historical revenge, on the other, we face the real possibility of this advance post being overrun. 

We should in no way underestimate the constant propaganda and growing public sentiment that the blame for the failings and catastrophic regression lies in almost every respect with our new civilisational choices: our commitment to the EU. The only effective means of neutralizing these propaganda clichés is the real and rapid development of Bulgaria, enhanced prosperity for our citizens, and the affirmation of law and justice achieved through the pursuit of European and Atlantic values. 

We continue to live in the hope that the revival of our people is entirely possible. We are the party, which is in a condition to do that. 

[1]We took 1990 as a starting point, since the NSSI and the NSI have not data for 1989. 

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